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LBN Television Network 2022 would like for you to partner with us as we celebrate bringing '' LBN Television Network” to kids of all ages. LBN is committed to bringing wholesome family entertainment to the national platform of LBN Television Network. On Nov 15th, 2022 - March1st ,2023 the LBN will chose 10 kids to showcase their personalities on the LBN Network. As much as we try stay connected to our viewers, we recognize that our children are the future and children’s lives can be change with the right opportunity We would like your help assisting disadvantaged, disabled, and children whose parents who would love to see their kids on national TV.

Yes, I would like to sponsor 1 2 3 4 5 other_______ child/children @ $10.00 each

Total $______

Yes, I would like to sponsor 1 2 3 4 5 other_______ Teenagers @ $15.00 each

Total $______

Yes, I would like to become a business sponsor by sponsoring 10 or more children

________@ $10.00 each and/or adults_________ @ $15.00 each

Total $______

As a sponsor, your name/product will be mention and information will appear on the sponsorship board by the child that you sponsor. Sponsor’s board located in the video of the sponsor kid . Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, then the LBN logo will appear on the screen of each promo you sponsor.

Here's Everything You Get For sponsorships totaling $3000.00 0r more you will receive the following Bonus :

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*Four weeks promotion of your choice

The VSL Page Builder™

*10 promotional announcements of your product, business or event from LBN Television Network.

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The Rules/Prize!

sponsorships totaling $3000.00 0r more you will be eligible for a Gold Award, Silver Award, or Bronze BONUS:

The 1 Year Promo Blueprint™

*Your company will be featured on all of our broadcasted promotions

*Adult and/or children use your VSL over the next 12 months to have your most profitable year ever!

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See How Average, Everyday Kids Are getting the Acting Experience With a Simple 60 Seconds of Fame Video!

Here's How To Get Submit your video!

Upload your Video to Youtube

Check the unlisted box

Email youtube link to

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I’m not good on video?

You don’t have to be good on video to make this work for you. In fact, you don’t even have to experience, search the internet and google will show you everything you need to know .Duplicate other videos and and create your own , even if you never did a video before.

I don’t have a professional camera equipment?

No problem! Most cell phones or electronic devices can be used, just make sure to film in a nice quiet location with good sound, ligtning and background.

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